Soils, regenerative agriculture, agroecology, grazing, land management, soil erosion, organics, biofertilisers, composting, rural cooperatives, extension planning and strategy and regional food systems are just some of the types of projects we work on! In addition to projects we carry out a range of consultancy work as well as one-off talks, field days and workshops. See some of our recent projects below.

“David Hardwick has a passion for agriculture, natural resources and soil health. David has a genuine talent for making soil science interesting and accessible to both landholders and extension staff. David imparts his extensive knowledge and experience in an effective and warm manner. From large to small groups he consistently presents important and impartial NRM information.”

Bruce Maynard, Regenerative Farmer and educator - Narromine NSW

Compost for Conservation Cropping

Topsoil Organics CW, NSW


Soil Land Food is providing extension and technical support to this project looking at building awareness of farmers in using compost in CW farming systems. The project will have 10 trial sites with compost being applied over 3 years.

Sustainable Soils in the Burdekin

NQ Dry Tropics, QLD


We developed a range of extension products for this project including a series of soil skills videos, Soil Health Fact Sheets and the Grazing RASH Manual, a field guide to assessing soil health for graziers in northern Australia.

Optimising Nitrogen in Sugarcane

Major Integrated Project (MIP)- Terrain NRM, QLD


Working with the MIP team at Terrain NRM we developed and delivered a series of workshops looking at improving Nitrogen efficiency in the farming systems of the Wet Tropics to help minimise impact from fertiliser leaching on the Barrier Reef from these landscapes.

Organic Dairying: Managing the Change

Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia Coop, VIC

2017, 2018

We delivered a series of workshops across Victoria for dairy farmers looking to change to organic farming. These workshops looked at organic certification as well as farm management issues.

Soil Health Workshops

Northern Tablelands, North Coast, Hunter, South East and Central Tablelands Local Land Services, NSW

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

We have delivered a series of soil health workshops for graziers and farmers in NSW on soil health and soil fertility management in partnership with a number of the state’s Local Land Services.

Managing Soil Health

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, QLD

2014, 2015, 2018

We have also provided technical extension support to the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group for a number of their sustainable agriculture projects assisting horticulture and cane growers to improve soil management. This project has involved soil tests, soil mapping, one on one soil extension and group workshops throughout the Mareeba -Dimbulah district of Queensland.

Digging Deeper into Soils

Nth Queensland, Central Tablelands - NSW, Upper Lachlan Landcare - NSW, South East Local Land Services - NSW

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

In partnership with Regional Landcare Facilitators, Landcare Groups and a number of Regional NRM Bodies (NQ Dry Tropics, Terrain NRM) Soil Land Food has delivered this key soil extension program over 5 years to a range of groups to help build soil management skills and capacity in farmers, graziers, extension staff and land managers.

Grazing for Gliders

Terrain NRM Wet Tropics, QLD


Along with Dr Judi Earl, Soil Land Food co-delivered this 4 month land management and grazing extension program with landholders in the Kennedy Valley in Nth Queensland looking to strike a balance between habitat protection for Mahogany Gliders and grazing landscapes in the Wet Tropics.

Soil & Land Management Skills Workshops


2012 - 2018

Soil Land Food delivers over 40 workshops a year across Australia for various clients including Landcare and Farmer Groups, Regional NRM Bodies and agribusinesses. Topics we cover include soils, composting, biofertilisers, soil erosion, land management, organic agriculture and grazing. We also conduct workshops in Extension for extension and project staff.

Healthy Soils for Healthy Farms - Extension project

LachLand Landcare, NSW


oil Land Food delivered a series of soil management workshops across the Lachlan Catchment for graziers and cropping farming systems. The workshops included soil testing, benchmarking and soil pits.

Mitta Valley Farmers Coop

Mitta Valley Beef Group, NE Victoria


We consulted to the Coop and assisted it through its establishment from a group of farmers with an idea to a successfully operating rural Coop. This involved facilitating Working Group meetings and the Formation meeting, assisting with the development of a Business Plan and ensuring all legal requirements were met.

Soil Skills for Graziers

NQ Dry Tropics, QLD


Soil Land Food delivered this 4 workshop extension program with landholders in the Collinsville/Charters Towers area of North Queensland.

Regional Soil Skills Competition

South East Local Land Services, NSW


With support from South East Local Land Services NSW and the Wet Tropics Regional Landcare Facilitator we developed a competition-based soil skills extension framework as a resource for Landcare groups and regional networks to engage in soils learning activities in a community context. A regional competition was delivered to landholders in the Upper Lachlan region of NSW.

Thinking Topsoil

Little River Landcare, NSW


Soil Land Food developed a landholder manual for monitoring soil health, the Rapid Assessment of Soil Health (RASH) manual, for the Little River Landcare network in Central NSW. This RASH Manual is available on our Resources page. We then delivered soil skills workshops across the region as part of the “Thinking Topsoil” Soil Extension Project to help increase capacity in soil management and monitoring of soil on farm.

Soil Carbon

Central West Local Land Services, NSW


For this project we delivered a number of 1 day soil carbon workshops to landholders in the Central West region of NSW.

Establishing the Link: Soil Health through Land Management in the Central West


Watershed Landcare, Central Tablelands Landcare, Dunedoo-Coolah Landcare & Macquarie 2100, NSW

Soil Land Food, in partnership with the region's Landcare Coordinators, designed and delivered this major soil extension Caring for Country project. It involved over 20 workshops with over 70 landholders attending workshops through a 6 month period. As part of this project the “Digging Deeper Program”, a soils management decision making framework was developed and used to help landholders build skills in soil health and soil fertility management.

Sustainable Agriculture Strategy

Tweed Shire Council, NSW


Soil Land Food was part of a consulting team that developed a comprehensive Sustainable Agriculture Strategy for the Tweed Shire Council. Led by John Mongard Landscape Architects, we provided expertise to this project in rural community assessment, agricultural land classification and food systems assessment.

“The Little River Landcare Group has used David Hardwick to deliver a variety of capacity building programs targeting soil biology over the last 2 years. Dave himself is an amazing resource – he has such an extensive range of experiences and skills that mesh wonderfully in delivering educational programs. Dave’s greatest skill is his ability to share his information in such a practical, easy to understand manner. He combines a range of learning styles in his talk to ensure that those who do not follow scientific lingo are as engaged as the scientist sitting next to them – and they have fun learning. Dave is a great educator, an amazing resource and a champion of healthy, living soils. David will help any organisation exceed their educational targets.”

Pip Job - Little River Landcare NSW