Soil Land Food delivers a range of ½ and 1 day workshops for landholders and farmers across Australia as well internationally. We do over 30-40 workshops a year all across Australia. These workshops are either introductory or skills building activities on a range of topics. Our workshops are always fun and engaging and we make sure they are hands on and practical. Our core specialty workshops are on soils, soil health and soil/land management but we also deliver workshops on erosion, grazing, composting and biofertilisers. With experience in agronomy, grazing management and whole farm planning we can also tailor a workshop to suit your group's needs. Some workshops we deliver include:

Soils Skills Workshops

Understanding Soils

1 Day
Learn about how the soils on your place really work!
A hands-on interactive workshop that gives participants an introduction to soils and soil health. It covers the biological, physical and chemical aspects of soils. Participants get their hands dirty with a range of soils in practical activities.

Exploring the Life in Your Soil

1 Day
Want to get your head around the complex community of life that makes up a healthy, high functioning soil?
In this 1 day workshop participants learn about the 4 parts to the soil biology story: soil microbes, soil organisms, plant roots and organic matter. The day includes lots of hands on activities and looks at soil biology tests and practical ways to assess soil biology on the farm. The main ways to improve soil biology in farming and grazing enterprises are also introduced.

Managing Soil Health

1 Day
Demystify soil health and learn how to manage it on your place.
This practical workshop gives participants the skills to assess and benchmark the biological, chemical and physical health of their soil using field skills and soil tests. Participants learn to identify soil constraints and look at options to fixing soil issues. Compaction, pH, soil salinity, organic matter and soil biology are all covered. Planned grazing, cropping and tillage techniques and using soil amendments like lime and compost are also discussed on the day. We use the RASH approach (Rapid Assessment of Soil Health) which includes an easy to follow manual to help participants manage their soil health.

Farm Fertility Inputs

1 Day
Learn about the wide range of farm inputs from rock phosphate to urea; from compost to worm juice!
This workshop demystifies the wide range of minerals, microbes, fertilisers, biostimulants and soil amendments that are out there in the world of agriculture. From farm made products to commercial ones we explore the range of choices looking at how to evaluate them and how and when they may be useful.

Managing Farm Nutrients

1 Day
Improve your management of soil fertility and nutrients.
This workshop explores nutrients and farming/grazing. The workshop uses an interactive role play activity to cover the basics of how nutrients cycle on your farm. It also introduces participants to the 5 Bucket Model for thinking about and managing soil nutrients. It covers the use of soil tests and field diagnosis for assessing nutrients and the main strategies used in agronomy to manage nutrients and soil fertility.

Using Soil Tests

1 Day
Build your skills in using soil tests.
Agronomic soil tests are a really useful tool for soil management but the ability to read and interpret them effectively takes skill and understanding. In this 1 day workshop we pull apart soils tests and learn how to make sense of them no matter what colourful graphs and technical jargon they contain. Learn how to use soil tests to determine soil type, assess soil health, identify soil constraints and manage nutrients.

“David is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable and independent so he is not selling anything which is refreshing!”

Soils Workshop participant

Composts & Biofertilisers Workshops

On-farm bugs and brews: biofertilisers, stimulants and inoculants

1 Day
Learn to make biofertilisers and bioferments on farm.
In this hands-on 1 day workshop participants learn the theory behind fermentation based bioferments and biofertilisers. They also practise making a number of simple products including EM, biofertilisers and a bioferment. Making no-turn inoculated compost (SPIC Compost) is also covered on the day.

On-farm composting

1 Day
Build your knowledge and skills on making and using compost.
In this 1 day workshop participants learn the basics of making and using compost on farm. We look at the two main ways of making it: aerobic and fermentation. It includes a hands on session of making a Static Pile Inoculated & Covered (SPIC) Compost batch. We also cover the key tips and machinery you need to consider when sourcing materials and making compost on farm.

“I highly recommend David as an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very capable workshop facilitator, presenter and independent soil educator to anyone interested in improving their soil health and farm management skills.”

Alice McGrath - Land Services Officer, South East Local Land Services NSW

Land Management Workshops

Understanding & Managing Erosion

1 Day
Deal with erosion on your place.
Knowing the type of erosion you are dealing with, how serious the problem is and how to fix the issue are important skills. In this 1 day workshop we look at what causes erosion, the types of erosion, how to assess it and the different options for fixing erosion issues.

Understanding Your Farm's Landscapes

1 Day
Learn to read and understand your farm landscape better.
In this interactive 1 day workshop participants learn how a farm is part of a landscape and how landscapes function. We cover the water and nutrient cycles, energy and plants as well as the interactions between animals, plants, water and soils. Finally we look at farm patches and landscapes. If you want to understand how to improve your natural capital and soils and the science behind planned/regenerative grazing then this workshop is for you.

Extension Workshops

Rural Extension: Doing It Well

1 Day
Improve your skills in rural extension using proven strategies and techniques.
This 1 day workshop is for NRM and agriculture professionals along with farmer leaders who want to improve the rural extension they do with their community. Resources are limited in many projects so extension needs to be done effectively to get long term change and capacity building. In this workshop we will look at what is extension, the stages of capacity building and some evidence-based strategies and activities you can use to get results. We also look at what makes a good extension activity!

"Soil health can be a very dry topic. David engages people in this complex topic and explains soil health in a very simple way. But more than this, David drives home the importance of soil health to long term profitability, leaving farmers with practical tools they can take away."

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services NSW - Extension Team